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L-R: Mark Akers, John Fuller, Jodi Adams & Leigh Anderson Hydro & School kids, 2005

The MVFD clown troop performs skits that make learning the Life and Fire Safety (LAFS) message memorable and FUN!! Colorful props and creative characters keep the kids engaged and focused. Music and singing is used to provide fun and catchy tunes that contain safety messages that will stay with the audience members.

Aerial at clown school, 2007

This method of teaching was already proven in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a 3 year old called 9-1-1 because her mother was having a seizure. Prior to that, their local fire department’s clown troop had given a show at her pre-school and gave out the CD with safety messages on it. The 3 year old remembered what to do, because the message she learned in a song, told her what to do when someone needs help. She was even singing the song for the 911 operator and the firemen when they arrived at her house! Click here to read the story!!

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Mckinney FD -Mickinney, Texas- McTown Clownz

MVFD is currently a member of LAFS. LAFS is a non-profit Fire, EMS, and Police based organization that helps promote Life and Fire Safety education to the public using skits, clowns, puppets, characters, and technical equipment. MVFD’s clown troop attended the 1st annual conference of the Texas Chapter L.A.F.S. (Life and Fire Safety) in spring 2007 in Grapevine, Texas. Many Metroplex area Fire Departments joined together to provide this conference. Denton, McKinney, Plano, and Grapevine were some of the FD’s that helped make it a success.

We also had an impressive addition to our conference. The guest presenter and instructor was the incomparable Trisha Manual, a.k.a. “Pricilla Mooseburger.” Follow this link to read more about this dynamic and interesting lady:


That’s great! Click here to contact the troop by email. Currently, the MVFD Clown Troop is only available to teach at Magnolia Public Schools during the months of October and November.

(Due to budget restrictions, the troop does not teach at individual parties, private business and church functions.)

One month advance notice is requested due to scheduling and preparation.






The Addition of puppets to the 2009 program was a hit with the kids!



Do you have an inner clown that’s bursting to come out? Want to clown around with us for fire safety? It’s easy! The minimum requirement for joining the MVFD Clown Troop is “General Membership” (firefighting not required).” Any member of the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department is welcome to join up with the Fire Clowns. We need Clowns of all shapes and sizes to help us in our Life and Fire Safety Shows and perform with us in the parades. We also welcome funny characters (in costume of course), to interact with the clowns, such as cowboys, policeman, firemen, etc. We need Characters with tall bones, short bones, big bones, little bones, ham bones, but most importantly………Funny Bones!!! So march your funny bones over and join us today!

Not a member yet?

Apply today, why not? click here to visit the “Become a Member” section of our site and print out the Volunteer Application.  Note: Membership requires passing a criminal background check.

Already a MVFD member?

That’s Great! email Jodi Adams at and let her know you are interested in joining the troop.

Don’t want to be a clown and wear all that makeup?

No problem, we can still utilize your amazing talents in other ways. We need woodworkers who can help build stage props, crafters who can make foam props, a seamstress for sewing costumes, and techies who can assist with sound and lighting, etc. During October and November, we need dedicated stage crews to help us set up for National Fire Prevention Month classes at the local schools.



Pricilla Mooseburger

Just For LAFS, Inc. (TX)

LAFS for Life (IA-original organization)

Laughing J

SMILE (Safety Magic In Law Enforcement)


Clowning & Puppet Supplies Online:

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Lynchs  (Sells wide range of clowning costumes, makeup, gags and accessories)



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